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Upcoming events – The Oslo Project – Kunsthall Oslo

Kunsthall Oslo has invited artists to investigate the city of Oslo and present their results to the public over a seven-month series of exhibitions, talks and events. With a central focus on the material reality of the city and on the present day, the artists' projects explore many sides of city life: aesthetics, ideology, architecture, economics, social relations, history, politics, conflict, everyday life and personal experience.

Upcoming events:

April 2nd 19.00:

Romanes language symposium

The Norwegian Roma Embassy, Tullinløkka.

Authors Linda Gabrielsen and Hanne Ramsdal (Norwegian - Romanes phrasebook),

Steffan Palleson (Swedish - Romanes dictionary), Jamanda Jansen.

The Norwegian Roma Embassy is a temporary cultural house at Tullinløkka in Oslo. The embassy will serve as a site for cultural events in the period 25 March to the International Roma Day on April 8th. The project is initiated by the architect group FFB.

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April 4-7, 14–15.30:

Romanes writing workshop

Linda Gabrielsen and Hanne Ramsdal are arranging a series of writing workshops for children, both Norwegian- and Romanes-speaking, and working towards the publication of a Norsk-Romanes phrasebook. Contact This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it for more information.

April 10th-27th:

Atelier Populaire Oslo

On the initiative of the artist Andrea Lange, Kunsthall Oslo will operate as a workshop and forum for public discussion, artistic production, research and activism in relation to the situation of 'paperless' people in Norway. The workshop is organised in cooperation with the members of the Palestina camp in Oslo, Johanna Zwaig and Marius von der Fehr. Over fifty artists, writers, activists and experts will contribute to a series of talks and events, and the workshop will be open to the public throughout its duration.